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2011 International Conference on Recent Advancements in Electrical, Electronics and Control Engineering

Modelling and Simulation of Distributed Generation System Using HOMER Software

Bindu U Kansara

Electrical Engineering Department

Sardar Patel University

SICART, Vidyanagar – 388 1210, Gujarat, India

Abstract-A microgrid is an integrated form of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) which are connected together to serve electrical power to the selected consumers or can exchange power with the existing utility grid under stand alone or grid connected mode. Distributed generators can provide high reliability by providing on-site generation. As a result of this many hybrid systems came in existence like PV cells, fuel cells, micro turbines, wind, diesel and small hydro systems. The distributed generation system having Photo Voltaic (PV), wind turbine and diesel generator is simulated and analyzed. This paper gives simulation results of PV-Wind-Diesel hybrid system. HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Models for Energy Resources) power optimization software by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) is used to simulate and analyze the PV-Wind-Diesel hybrid system.

Keyword-PV, Wind, Diesel, HOMER, DER I. INTRODUCTION

One of the most recognized terms in today’s electricity market is deregulation. To realize the potential of distribution generation, generation and load must be taken as a subsystem. This system may use any combination of generation, load and storage technologies and can operate in grid connected mode or autonomous mode. Some examples of micro power system or microgrid are solar-battery serving a remote load, wind-diesel system serving an isolated village, a grid connected natural gas microturbine providing heat to a factory. Micropower system consists of electric and thermal load, and any combination of photovoltaic modules (PV), wind turbine, small hydro, biomass power generation, microturbines, fuel cells, reciprocating engine generators, batteries and hydrogen storage. The analysis and design of micropower system is challenging due to large number of design options and uncertainty in key parameters such as load size and future fuel price. Renewable energy sources add further complexity because the output may be intermittent, seasonal and nondispatchable and the availability is uncertain. This work is a technical and economic feasibility study of a hybrid generating system, composed of wind, diesel and grid resources feeding a customer with high reliability requirements of electric supply. Penetration of distributed generation across the country has yet not reached the significant levels. These emerging technologies have lower emission and potential to have lower cost. A better way to realize the

978-1-4577-2149-6/11/$26.00 © 2011 IEEE

B.R. Parekh

Electrical Engineering Department

– Gujarat Technological University

BVM Engineering College, Vidyanagar – 388 120,

Gujarat, India

potential of distributed generation is to take a system approach where load and generation acts as a subsystem called “microgrid”. This is a decentralized and bidirectional pattern permits electricity import from the grid and electricity export to the grid. A plant that produces electricity less than 500 kW comes under micro generation technologies. Microgrid sources can produce electrical energy and thermal energy both. Hence, the penetration of distributed energy resources both at low voltages and medium voltages (LV and MV) in utility and downstream networks have been increased in developed countries like USA, Canada, Japan.


The ability to generate electricity is a building block of modern society. The utilization of wind turbines to produce electricity is practiced for over hundred years. Similarly, diesel engines have been a technology to produce energy since 1940s. However, the field of engineering concerned with the coupling of PV-Wind-Diesel systems have just begun recently. The following schematic represents basic PV-Wind-Diesel hybrid system. Hybrid power system incorporates more than one piece of equipment for electricity production as well as storage, power conditioning components and system controls.

Fig. 1. Basic PV-Wind-Diesel Hybrid System


Image | Modelling and Simulation of Distributed Generation System Using HOMER Software

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