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Oil & Gas

Dominion Transmission Crayne Compressor Station

Dominion Transmission, which operates 7,800 miles of natural gas pipelines in the Eastern United States, made a bold move – it completely disconnected one of its transmission stations from the local utility.

“We had found a more ef cient, more reliable way to provide power to our station. Why wouldn’t we go with it?” said the Dominion Project Manager at the time. The more ef cient and reliable power source was three 60kW Capstone MicroTurbines® that provided all electricity to the station.

In addition to reliability, the microturbines at the station saved Dominion a signi cant amount of money, according to a September 2005 article in Distributed Energy magazine. To provide utility power to the site, United Electric Corp. would have to run power lines from

a station 15 miles away at a cost of US$1.35 million and a rate of US$0.116 per kW-hour. Instead, by installing Capstone microturbines, Dominion saved more than US$1 million and controlled its own power source. At the same time, the clean-and-green microturbines, which emit low levels of nitrogen oxides and nearly no sulfer dioxides, allowed Dominion to easily pass air-quality tests.

At a glance


Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, USA First Microturbine Commissioned

2004, then updated 2009


Natural gas – same pipeline gas pumped through the Crayne Station.

CHP Technologies

• 2004 – 3 Capstone C60 ICHP microturbines installed.

• 2009 – Microturbines upgraded to Capstone C65 ICHP units. Heat exchangers on top of each microturbine capture the microturbines’ waste heat.


• Capstone microturbines provide electricity and heat to all buildings.

• The microturbines also produce heat that warms raw natural gas chilled during the decompression process.

• Ef ciency of the microturbine-based combined heat and power (CHP) system is about 85%.

• Captured microturbine heat raises the temperature of compressed natural gas to 85°F) from a chilly 35°F.

The warmed and decompressed natural gas fuels 2 7,800-horsepower Solar engines that run the station’s compressors.

• Free microturbine heat eliminates the need for an otherwise required boiler and boiler fuel. In essence, the 3 C65 ICHP Capstone microturbines act as a zero-fuel, zero-emission, 1 million BTU boiler.

Dominion Transmission’s Crayne Compressor Station in Pennsylvania where three Capstone C65 ICHP microturbines provide all electricity and heat for the 5-acre site.

Image | Oil & Gas Dominion Transmission Crayne Compressor Station

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