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Oil and Gas

Fallow eld Gas Processing Plant

CONSOL Energy Inc., named one of America’s most admired companies by Fortune Magazine, is a leading producer of bituminous coal and natural gas in the Eastern United States. The forward-thinking company regularly looks for opportunities to reduce methane gas vented into the atmosphere during the mining process. The diversified- fuel producer’s efforts are successful. In 2011, CONSOL captured and used 2,109-million-cubic-feet (59,720,229-cubic-meters) of methane.

The company targeted its Fallowfield coal bed gas processing plant, located 21 miles (33.8 kilometers) south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

as a key location to use the waste methane while reducing the plant’s greenhouse gas footprint. The Fallowfield Gas Processing Plant had been emitting 18.5-million-cubic-feet (523,861-cubic-meters) of methane annually into the atmosphere.

CONSOL contracted Capstone Turbine Corporation’s mid-Atlantic distributor E-Finity Distributed Generation to install at Fallowfield the first Capstone CR200 microturbine in the United States to run on waste coal bed methane.

Methane is the primary gas emitted from coal mining and has a greenhouse-gas impact on the atmosphere 21 times that of carbon dioxide. Fortunately, Capstone’s microturbine technology allows companies to capture waste methane and use it as an onsite fuel source to produce clean-and-green electricity.

The CONSOL Fallowfield Gas Processing Plant purifies coal

bed methane extracted from the Upper Freeport coal seam in the Appalachian region. The processing plant primarily removes carbon dioxide and water from the coal bed methane to produce pipeline- quality gas.

Capstone CR200 microturbine integrated with the Fallow eld Gas Processing Plant.

At a glance


Charleroi, Pennsylvania, USA


March 2012


Waste methane from coal bed methane gas processing plant.


• Capstone low-emission CR200 microturbine.

• Unison Solutions gas-conditioning skid.

• Absorption chiller.

• Methane monitors (optional).

• Capstone Logic Controller – interfaces

with plant’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and E-Finity’s remote monitoring. Also controls turbine and gas-conditioning system.


• Recovery of up to 18.5-million-cubic-feet (523,861-cubic-meters) of methane.

• Generates a net 1.331-million-kWh of clean electrical power.

• Potential annual energy cost savings of US$80,000.

• Eliminates global warming potential equivalent to 6,486-metric-tonnes of carbon dioxide – equivalent to removing 1,400 U.S. cars from the road.

Image | Oil and Gas Fallow eld Gas Processing Plant

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