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Oil & Gas

Shale Gas United States

Like the United States shale gas market, Capstone oil and gas sales are booming.

In fact, Capstone oil and gas sales made up approximately 58 percent of the Company’s total revenue during fiscal 2012 – 38 percent of that from U.S. sales alone.

During fiscal 2012, Capstone sold a record number of new and follow-on microturbine orders to prominent producers and developers in the prolific Eagle Ford and Marcellus

shale plays. Today, thousands of Capstone microturbines generate reliable, low emission electricity in prime power, CHP, and standby power applications for off-and on-grid natural gas production sites nationwide.

From remote natural gas compressor stations and central processing facilities, to Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units, transfer stations, wellhead sites, and metering stations, Capstone microturbines support the surge in U.S. shale gas production by supplying reliable, clean power using natural gas directly from the pipeline as fuel. Uninterrupted microturbine power means increased production for producers, and greater national energy security.

Microturbines’ low-emission output, high reliability, and low maintenance remains a top driver for microturbine deployment in the oil and gas industry. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has extremely stringent emissions-level requirements for

oil and gas producers, supports installations of natural gas fueled microturbines. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) also encourages the installation of natural gas-burning CHP systems as part of its mission to decentralize power from the utility grid.

The nation’s abundant natural gas supplies and forecasted price stability has created tremendous interest in Capstone microturbines in industries beyond oil and gas. Because of a growing number of industrial and commercial customers also are tapping Capstone natural gas CHP systems to generate onsite clean-and- green, efficient power.

Capstone microturbines, operating in the Eagle Ford and Marcellus shale plays, generate reliable and clean power.

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