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Operational Cost Savings

The electricity generated by the hybrid system can reduce your electric bill by as much as $100,000* for each MicroTurbine included in the package.

Environmental Stewardship

According to the EPA’s CHP Calculator, the installation of a single PowerThermTM Solution can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 510 tons per year, which is equivalent to taking 84 cars off the road.

Power Security

A PowerThermTM Solution backed by the superior reliability of a Capstone MicroTurbine can continue to provide heat and electricity to your building inde nitely during an emergency event. The system can also be integrated into our patented emergency elevator package called the Safe Return SystemTM.

Higher Ef ciency

Using the MicroTurbine exhaust

to augment heating capacity of

a Best-In-Class boiler raises the ef ciency of the system. The ability to provide a stream of constant thermal energy during warmer periods of reduced demand dramatically reduces cyclical boiler ring.

*Savings calculation was based upon market rates for electricity in NYC, currently $0.20

per kWh. Savings will differ based upon geographic market.

Install your PowerThermTM Energy Solution today and take advantage of the following immediate incentives:

• 10% MicroTurbine Tax Grant

• 10% CHP Tax Credit

• Accelerated Depreciation

For more information, call or e-mail Sam Brewer at 718-554-0530 or

PowerThermTM Energy Solution

The Boiler That Makes Electricity!

Realize the Bene ts and Savings of the PowerThermTM Energy Solution today!

Cost Savings, Environmental Stewardship, and Power Security

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