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Capstone Model 330 MicroTurbine System

Fuel Supply Air Exhaust

Communications User Interface

Electrical Output

Fuel System


The Capstone Model 330 MicroTurbine system is a compact, low emission, power generator providing electrical power up to 30 kW. Solid-state power electronics allow grid-connect operation; stand-alone battery support and automatic grid/stand-alone switching are available options.

The system incorporates a compressor, recuperator, combustor, turbine and permanent magnet generator. The rotating components are mounted on a single shaft that rotates at up to 96,000 RPM (full load) and is supported by air bearings. The generator is cooled by intake air flow, thus eliminating the need for liquid cooling. Output of the system is variable frequency (50 or 60 Hz) AC power. A 60-kW system and a non-recuperated Model 330 are also available.

The Capstone Model 330 MicroTurbine Generator

Generator Cooling Fins

Exhaust Outlet

Air Intake





Fuel Injector


21211 Nordhoff Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Phone: 818-734-5300 Fax: 818-734-5320

Digital Power Controller

Combustion Chamber

Air Bearings

Image | Performance @ 50 or 60Hz Landfill or digester gas

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