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Product Specification

Model C30 – Capstone MicroTurbine Summary

This Product Specification describes the Capstone Model C30 microturbine stationary power generating system. The microturbine provides on-site electrical power for primary or standby applications, and for peak shaving, base loading, and/or capacity additions. A microturbine can generate power in parallel with an electrical utility (Grid Connect mode), or isolated from the utility (Stand Alone mode). The system consists of a turbine engine, solid-state power electronics, a fuel system, and a NEMA 3R industrial enclosure.

Major turbine engine components include a compressor, a recuperator (exhaust gas heat exchanger), a combustor, a turbine, and a generator. The turbine engine is air-cooled and supported on air-lubricated foil bearings (air bearings). The compressor impeller, turbine rotor, and generator rotor are mounted on a single shaft, which comprises the only moving part in the engine. The power electronics are solid-state, double conversion type, producing three-phase alternating current output power from the high-frequency alternating current engine output.

Available Model Types

C30 microturbine systems are available in several versions, depending on fuel type, certifications, and other characteristics. Table 1 summarizes the available model designations covered by this Product Specification.

Table 1. C30 Model Designations

C30 Model Designations (1)


Dual Mode (2)

High Pressure Natural Gas (HPNG)

CE/UL 2200


Low Pressure Natural Gas (LPNG)

CE/UL 2200


Medium Btu

CE/UL 2200


Liquid Fuel

CE/UL 2200


High Pressure Sour Gas (HPSG)

CE/UL 2200



CE/UL 2200



(1) Refer to Table 4 for fuel options.

(2) Microturbine systems utilizing the Dual Mode feature are capable of operation in either Grid Connect mode or Stand Alone mode.

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Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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