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Public Facility

Sport Centre De Scheg

Athletes at the popular Sport Centre De Scheg in Deventer, Netherlands are assured smooth gliding and warm waters after the vast facility installed a reliable Capstone C200 MicroTurbine® to power it’s 400-meter (1,312-foot) ice skating track, subtropical recreational pool, and extensive array of technical equipment.

Deventer, founded in the late 8th century, is one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities and boasts hundreds of restored buildings and ancient landmarks. While accustomed to embracing the town’s history, Centre ownership determined it’s 17-year-old reciprocating engine was one artifact that could not be salvaged. “Our reciprocating generator was prone to failure, required a lot of maintenance, and cost a lot of money,” said Paul Swam, Technical Coordinator for the Sport Centre De Scheg.

“To keep our technical equipment running we need a lot of energy, both electrical and gas,” Swam explained. The Centre is one of the largest in the Netherlands. “Annually we need 3 million kW-hours (kWh) of electrical power and 1 million-cubic-meters (35,314,667-cubic- feet) of natural gas.” The Centre’s massive energy consumption is required to power ice cooling machines for the competition skate track, recreational ice rink, and heat a tropical pool, sauna, competition pool, and the Blue Lagoon waterpark. The waterpark features several pools, water slides, and a lazy river for visitors to float.

Even after the crippled reciprocating generator failed, the Sport Centre De Scheg operated for two years without a replacement. During this time, the Centre bought utility electricity to power the ice machines and generated heat using natural gas boilers. Increased energy bills led Centre officials to explore other power-generation options.

In addition to researching low-emission and highly reliable Capstone microturbines, the Centre considered biogas, biodiesel, and wood burning systems. The final choice was crystal clear. “They chose the Capstone C200 microturbine due to the low maintenance, and, of

At a glance


Deventer, Netherlands


December 2010


Natural Gas


• C200 Capstone microturbine.

• VG9 Adicomp gas compressor.

• Heat exchanger.

• Vosterman Mf Flex industrial ventilator.


• The cogeneration facility generates about 310kW of thermal energy annually.

• Using an industrial ventilator the system achieves 85% total ef ciency.

• The combined heat and power (CHP) system obtains 33% electrical ef ciency, and has allowed the site to reduce annual energy costs.

• Since installation of the CHP system the Sports Centre has used 80% of the power generated in the skate track and 100% of the heat in the recreational pool.

Image | Public Facility Sport Centre De Scheg

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