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Remote Communication

The Capstone Model 330 MicroTurbineTM may be operated remotely. You can dispatch and control, monitor, query, log data, make adjustments, and troubleshoot your MicroTurbines anywhere in the world from your desktop, laptop, or control center. Remote communication is via RS232 link, either direct to your computer or via modem.


This Remote Modem kit facilitates MicroTurbine remote communication over a standard or cellular telephone link. The kit includes a high speed modem and all necessary communication and power cables. Simply supply a working telephone line and phone number. A local computer is not needed and the modem is powered directly from the MicroTurbine.

The modem is modified and configured by Capstone so that installation is ‘plug and play’. It will communicate with any Hayes-compatible modem connected to your computer.

Kit Contents

The Remote Modem Kit, part number 508973-100, includes:

• 33,600 bps modem

• Power cord for connection to the MicroTurbine

• Communications cable for connection to the MicroTurbine User Interface Port

• Adapter for connection to the MicroTurbine Main- tenance Interface Port.

• Installation Instructions

Capstone Remote Monitoring Software

The Remote Modem, used in conjunction with Capstone Remote Monitoring System software installed on your personal computer provides you with complete and elegant control of one to forty MicroTurbines.

Remote Modem Kit

Your PC with modem


Remote Modem Kit


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