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Residential/Public Facility

Masonic Village

Several years ago, of cials at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, weary of the campus’ 90-year-old, inef cient coal- red steam system – and the high emissions associated with burning coal – knew it was time to move to a next-generation technology for their heating and electric needs – combined heat and power (CHP).

Masonic Village is a sprawling continuing-care retirement community, children’s home, and community-service organization that opened in 1910. Today, the 1,400-acre complex serves more than 1,700 residents cared for by 1,300 staff.

For decades, the complex’s old coal plant burned in excess of 5,000 tons of coal each year to produce heat for laundry and space heating.

Low Emission, High Ef ciency Capstone MicroTurbines® Installed

Eager for a change and after conducting deep research, Masonic Village in 2002 installed ve C60 low-emission Capstone microturbines that produce a combined 300kW of electricity. The microturbines

are designed speci cally for CHP applications. For ve years, the natural-gas microturbines supplied existing base-load hot water needs, and simultaneously created electric power for the campus.

The reliable, clean-and-green turbines drastically lowered emissions and improved energy ef ciency.

In the meantime, at its California headquarters, Capstone’s product-development team continuously worked to enhance the microturbine and developed an integrated heat-recovery module (known today as the C65 ICHP), which generates 65kW of electricity and ejects 408,000 BTUs an hour.

At a glance


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA


• 2002 – 5 Capstone C60 microturbines

• 2007 – all microturbines upgraded to

C65 ICHP units

• 2011 – added sixth Capstone C65



Natural gas


• 5 Capstone C65 ICHP microturbines used in a CHP application.

• Capstone-designed integrated Heat Recovery Modules on each microturbine.

• Remote monitoring allows real-time remote monitoring, alarming, and trouble shooting of the power plant via the Internet.


• The 5 Capstone ICHP microturbines produce 325kW, which is 25kW more than the original Capstone installation.

• Each C65 ICHP produces 408,000 BTUs an hour.

• 47% increase in net heat recovered.

• Overall system ef ciency of

approximately 83%.

• Capstone Heat Recovery Modules are

on top of each microturbine, meaning the entire system takes up much less space than the earlier installation.

• Emissions from the Capstone microturbines are so low, the plant is the equivalent of removing 642 cars off the road or planting 1,000 acres of forest.

• System array has exceeded 350,000 hours of energy production.

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