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Nuevo León Department Store

When an upscale department store in Mexico was shopping for a reliable power source to provide low-cost electricity with low-emissions, Capstone MicroTurbines® fit the bill. Over the years, the retailer has become one of Mexico’s most recognized department stores by providing superb merchandise and progressive operations.

With the innovative installation of 20 natural-gas powered Capstone C65 microturbines in 2006, the esteemed store became the first retailer in Latin America to install microturbines.

Located in one of the warmest metropolitan areas in Mexico, installing a reliable source for extensive year-round cooling was critical to the project’s success. The state of Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico, where the store is located, can experience extreme temperatures that reach 40°C (104°F) in summer months. Winter temperatures average 23°C (73°F).

“Year-round air conditioning that’s virtually utility free means deep cuts in operating costs,” explained Cuit Sandoval, Capstone’s Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Sales Manager. “This department store chose a combined cooling and heating (CCHP) system to ensure the business remains cool during sweltering temperatures and operates seamlessly if a utility power outage occurs.”

“Approximately 40 percent of the power demand is generated by the Capstone microturbine array,” explained Sandoval. “Any remaining power needs come from the local utility grid. The store uses low-cost power generated by the C65s when utility rates are highest from

7 a.m. until 10 p.m. During off-peak hours they use more expensive utility power. This arrangement helps ensure they have the power needed at the most economical costs available.”

Since installation of the CCHP system, the facility has experienced annual energy savings that can exceed 40 percent. Capstone microturbines provide an environmentally-friendly solution that delivers consistent and reliable power.

At a glance


Nuevo León, Mexico


March 2006


Natural Gas


• Twenty C65 Capstone microturbines in a combined cooling heat and power application.

• York hot water absorption chiller.

• Capstone integrated heat exchangers (ICHP).


• The 20 Capstone microturbine system supports 40% of power demand, and has decreased reliance on the utility grid.

• The custom microturbine system allows the site to operate off the grid in a natural gas peak shaving mode, and provide 1.3MW of backup power for use during utility outages.

• The tri-generation installation meets Mexico’s strict noise and emission requirements.

• Annual energy savings have reached over 40%.

• The absorption chiller captures thermal energy from the microturbines to provide approximately 400 refrigeration tons (RT) of refrigeration for air conditioning.

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