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Yarmarka Shopping Center

It was easy for of cials of the Yarmarka Shopping Center in

Ukhta, Russia, to choose the new mall’s energy source. They could pay outrageous utility bills or install an onsite Capstone MicroTurbine® power plant in a combined heat and power (CHP) application and pay less than half the expected utility costs. Microturbines were the clear choice.

An added bonus: the Capstone system would allow for a gradual increase in power output as the new mall expanded and energy demands grew, thus reducing future capital investments.

Today, three Capstone C65 microturbines sit quietly under the shopping mall’s of ce building. Seven additional C65s and one C1000 are housed in a specially-designed building alongside the mall. Together, the 11 natural gas-fueled microturbines run around the clock, providing all power and heat to the 30,000-square-meter (322,917-square-foot) shopping mall and accompanying warehouse. Not a single kilowatt (kW) of utility power is used to support the large ve-level shopping center.

“The combination of technical and environmental characteristics offered by Capstone microturbines made them the indisputable leader when we made our decision,” said Alexander Yasyulya, Chief Engineer of the facility. “We analyzed existing products in the distributed generation market and chose Capstone microturbines for several reasons.”

At a glance


City of Ukhta, Republic of Komi, Russia


Stage 1 – 3 C65s – March 2008 Stage 2 – 7 C65s – February 2011 Stage 3 – 1 C1000 – April 2011


Natural gas


• A Capstone C1000 Power Package.

• Ten C65 microturbines.

• Eleven UT-65 heat recovery units

manufactured by Uhta Experimental Mechanical Plant in Russia.


• The shopping center’s power costs are less than half of utility costs.

• The CHP system generates nearly 1,700kW of high-quality electricity for the shopping center.

• The 11 microturbines are the mall’s prime power source; no utility power is used.

• 2,330kW of thermal power generated by

the 11 microturbines heats the shopping

center and the domestic water supply.

• The CHP system achieves nearly

90% ef ciency.

• The return on investment of the Stage 1

installation was just 2.5 years.

Image | Retail Yarmarka Shopping Center

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