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The following symbols are used throughout the Capstone MicroTurbineTM manuals to alert you to potential hazards to people or equipment and tips for proper operation of the equipment:

It is your responsibility to become familiar with these hazards and with how to safely operate this equipment.

Read and understand the Installation and Start-up Manual thoroughly before operating this equipment!

General Precautions

• Keep ABC rated fire extinguishers handy.

• Make sure all gas connections are tight, leak free, and protected from physical stress.

• Make sure all electrical connections are tight, clean, dry, and protected from weather and physical stresses.

• Allow only qualified personnel access to the inside of the enclosure.

• Obey all warning labels.

• Keep the equipment clean. Do not allow any flammable materials to remain inside the enclosure.

• Do not operate or work on the equipment when mentally or physically impaired, or after consuming either alcohol or drugs.

• Make sure all fasteners are installed and properly tightened.

• Follow all applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations.

Output Voltage

The output voltage and residual capacitor voltage of this equipment is deadly! All output connections must be made in accordance with applicable codes.

Use extreme caution when working on electrical equipment. Remove jewelry, make sure clothing and shoes are dry and stand on an insulated platform on the ground or floor. Always verify that circuits are de- energized with a voltmeter, before connecting, disconnecting, or servicing the equipment.


ELECTRICAL WARNING: Identifies an electrical hazard which can result in personal injury or death.

WARNING: Identifies a hazard which can result in personal injury or death.

CAUTION: Alerts you to a hazard which can result in equipment damage.

TIP: Alerts you to information which can optimize your operation of the equipment.


Electricity is a powerful and potentially lethal form of energy. Caution should always be exercised and proper procedures followed whenever working on or around electrical equipment. Unsafe acts could cause injury or death.

Natural gas is a clean and efficient means of storing and transporting energy. Natural gas is flammable and explosive. Following established procedures when working around natural gas will limit chances of accidental injury or death.

Hot surfaces, batteries, etc. all present hazards which can result in severe personal injury or death.

430001-001 Rev B (Sep 2002) v

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