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State of California

AIR RESOURCES BOARD Executive Order DG-002 Distributed Generation Certification of Capstone Turbine Corporation’s C60 MicroTurbine

WHEREAS, the Air Resources Board (ARB) was given the authority under California Health and Safety Code section 41514.9 to established a statewide Distributed Generation (DG) Certification Program to certify electrical generation technologies that are exempt from the permit requirements of air pollution control or air quality management districts;

WHEREAS, this DG Certification does not constitute an air pollution permit or eliminate the responsibility of the end user to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations;

WHEREAS, on December 5, 2002, Capstone Turbine Corporation applied for a DG Certification of its C60 MicroTurbine, engine and controller, which application was deemed complete on February 21, 2003;

WHEREAS, Capstone Turbine Corporation has demonstrated, according to test methods specified in Title 17, California Code of Regulations (CCR), section 94207, that its natural gas-fueled C60 MicroTurbine has complied with the following emission standards:

1. Emissions of oxides of nitrogen no greater than 0.5 pound per megawatt hour;

2. Emissions of carbon monoxide no greater than 6.0 pound per megawatt hour;

3. Emissions of volatile organic compounds no greater than 1.0 pound per megawatt hour; and

4. Emissions of particulate matter no greater than an emission limit corresponding to natural gas with a fuel sulfur content of no more than 1 grain per 100 standard cubic feet;

WHEREAS, Capstone Turbine Corporation has demonstrated that its C60 MicroTurbine complies with the emissions durability requirements in Title 17, CCR, section 94203 (c);

WHEREAS, I find that the Applicant, Capstone Turbine Corporation, has met the requirements specified in article 3, Title 17, CCR, and has satisfactorily demonstrated that its C60 MicroTurbine meets the 2003 DG Certification emission standards;

NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that a DG Certification, Executive Order DG-002, executed at Sacramento, California on February 21, 2003, is hereby granted.

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