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A&P Fresh Market Mount Kisco, New York

In 2005, Mount Kisco’s new A&P Fresh Market took delivery of UTC Power’s (a

unit of United Technologies Corporation) PureComfort® Model 240M solution, a single-source, energy-saving system that converts fuel to electricity and high-ef ciency cooling and heating. In addition, this onsite generation system signi cantly reduces the store’s electrical grid dependency.

“A&P is proud to announce the installation of the rst highly ef cient, ultra-low emission PureComfort® combined cooling, heating, and power solution at our Mount Kisco, New York, A&P Fresh Market. We are glad to be helping the environment by leading our industry in employing this cutting edge, green technology. This product aligns with our corporate vision

to protect the environment, as well as producing bottom line energy cost savings,” said Frank D’Ariano, VP, Design and Construction.

The PureComfort® Model 240M solution features four Capstone C60 MicroTurbines®

and a double-effect absorption chiller/heater from Carrier Corporation, UTC’s sister company. The microturbine exhaust is collected in a manifold and used to drive the double-effect absorption chiller, enabling the PureComfort® solution to achieve an overall fuel utilization rate of more than 80 percent, far greater than the 33 percent typical of a central powerplant. 

A PureComfort® solution featuring four 60kW Capstone microturbines provide cooling, heating, and power for this supermarket in New York State.

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