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The ICR 225 Vehicle Engine

Gas turbines dominate aircraft propulsion. Major attributes include light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, low maintenance, reasonable cost and low emissions. Yet vehicular gas turbines have only made it into serious production for the military. The challenges have been low efficiency at low power, slow response time and high cost.

Efficiency at high power can be achieved using the Inter-Cooled Recuperated (ICR) cycle. Ceramic turbine wheels have been in high production for turbochargers and can further enhance efficiency. However, the majority of vehicles operate most of the time in traffic or at steady-state highway speeds where power requirements are low. Therefore, efficiency at low power is critical to reduce overall fuel consumption.

The ICR 225 patented cycle gives high efficiency at high power and even higher efficiency at low power. The 225 kW gas turbine operates as a 75 kW gas turbine for low fuel consumption. But it still has all 225 kW available immediately, for rapid acceleration, passing, hill climbing and sustained heavy loads.

The preferred version of the ICR 225 gas turbine drives a generator although a mechanical output can also be used. Electric drives are well proven and the trend is to power auxiliary loads electrically. The system is scalable and can be designed to meet higher horsepower requirements for specific applications.

Performance Specifications

• High Efficiency

– Up to 42% (see Efficiency Curve below.)

• Low Emissions

– (Without after treatment)

– NOx: 0.05 to 0.10 g/hp/hr – Particulates: negligible


Basic design & performance analysis are complete. Detail design, prototype fabrication & test unit delivery will take approximately 18 months ARO. Design can be optimized for specific applications.


• Low Cost

– Turbocharger-based rotor groups – Compact generator

– Small recuperator

• Light Weight

– Generator set: 1200 lb. (545 kg) – Energy storage: lighter & smaller

• Fuel Flexibility

– Diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol,

bio- fuels, natural gas, propane, hydrogen


HP Compressor HP Turbine

Power Turbine

LP Turbine

LP Compressor


Efficiency vs Normalized Power

50% 40% 35% 30% 25%


0% 10%

20% 30%

40% 50% 60%

70% 80%

90% 100% 110%

Efficiency vs Normalized Power

Sub-atmospheric mode

Normally aspirated

TIT limits imposed to maintain sufficient HP compressor surge margin


C-65 Design point


– Based on DC Electric power rating of 220 kWe – Includes intercooler fan

– ISO conditions, 59 ̊F (15 ̊C)

Normalized Power (DC Electric)

Efficiency (LHV Electrical)

Image | The ICR 225 Vehicle Engine

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