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The MultiPac option for the Capstone MicroTurbineTM provides for multiple MicroTurbine systems (up to 10) to behave as a single generating source. Communication and control for all systems is accomplished through a single interface point.

Any individual MicroTurbine may be designated the MultiPac Master. This MicroTurbine then becomes the physical and logical control connection point for the entire MultiPac.

For Grid Connect (GC) operation, each MicroTurbine independently synchronizes to the grid. MultiPac functionality provides a single interface point for OFF, ON, and Power Demand control. It is not necessary to connect a modem, power meter, etc. to each individual MicroTurbine system.

For Stand Alone operation (SA), MultiPac functionality provides the capability to synchronize the voltage source outputs of the individual MicroTurbines such that they share power and current on both a dynamic and steady state basis. The master broadcasts synchro- nization information to the "slaves" over a dedicated, Capstone proprietary digital communications bus.

All units, Master and slaves, share the load(s) equally.


If one of the slave units fails, the remaining units continue to operate. If the Master fails, the entire system will shut down (some failure modes of the Master will allow the system to continue operation). If the Master fails, one of the other slave units can be manually programmed as the Master (but not while the system is operating).

Motor Loads

A MultiPac system in StandAlone mode will line-start motors up to approximately (n*6.75) horsepower where n is the number of model 330 MicroTurbines in the MultiPac. Using the RampStart feature (whereby voltage and frequency may be variably ramped to

nominal during initial start), a MultiPac will start motors up to approximately (n*36) horsepower.

Questions and Answers

Q. If the Master 'dies', will the entire ‘Pac go down?

A. This depends on the nature of the failure in the Master. If low-voltage power in the Master is still alive, communications and control will allow it to maintain operation of the slave units. If low- voltage power fails, the entire system will go down.

Q. Does every unit in a MultiPac require a display?

A. No. In fact any Capstone MicroTurbine can operate without a display panel. A MicroTurbine can be controlled via PC and the communications interface(s). If a display is not used, a terminating plug (p/n 509084-100) must be installed in its place.

Q. Will Dual Mode work with a MultiPac?

A. Yes. The interface to the Dual Mode Controller is connected to the Master. The Dual Mode Controller is offered in versions covering the range from 30kW to 300kW.

Q. Does every unit in a StandAlone MultiPac require a battery?

A. Yes. The battery does more than simply start the MicroTurbine, it is required for transient response.

Q. Is it necessary to shutdown a Master, thus the MultiPac, for routine maintenance?

A. Yes. In observance of safety requirements, the system should be completely de-energized before servicing.

Interconnection kit(s), part number 509949-100 are required to implement MultiPac functionality. Each kit includes an intercontroller cable, a coax cable, two intercontroller terminators, and two coax terminators. Order n-1 kits.


March, 2000

MultiPac Option

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