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Publication Title | third commercial high-solids AD facility of its kind in North America.

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• This facility blends with the landfill gas from the now closed UCD landfill to produce renewable electricity, which feeds the university’s West Village micro grid and its electric car charging stations.

Project financing: provided by First Northern Bank, CalRecycle, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Key project partners include Otto Construction and University of California, Davis. Additionally, Carson Development Company, Peabody Engineering, TSS Consultants, Regatta Solutions, Capstone Turbine Corp., and Vasko Electric have played key roles in the development of the READ facility.

For more information about CleanWorld, please visit:

About the technology: In addition to UC Davis’ own Dr. Ruihong Zhang, who invented the innovating technology, Assistant Vice Chancellor Sid England, who is the university’s steward of sustainability, was instrumental in supporting the development of this project. Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi supported the university’s extraordinary commitment, and CleanWorld’s CEO Michele Wong led the pioneering team who designed and built this first-of-its kind facility in the UC System.

Farm-to-Fork-to-Fuel: The UCD READ BioDigester is a global example of what’s possible in zero waste economies, and in climate resiliency and organic waste management leadership, where the bridges between research and academic discovery and commercialization have been built and crossed. This is the new model for Farm-To-Fork-To-Fuel for organic waste repurposing, the new “Zero Waste” value chain: food grown locally, consumed locally, and anaerobically converted to valuable, sustainable “fuel” byproducts locally, in the form of green electricity (or renewable natural gas RNG), soil enhancements, cleaner air, and cleaner land.

About UC Davis

UC Davis has more than 33,000 students, over 2,500 faculty and more than 21,000 staff members. At

UC Davis, more than 21 percent of food

purchases for the 1.8 million meals served per year in campus's four residential dining halls are from local, organic or sustainable sources. Now

they will be able to divert all organic waste from their facilities, showcasing the closed-loop example of growing, consuming, and repurposing food


Image | third commercial high-solids AD facility of its kind in North America.

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