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1030 Clarke Side Road • Box 5395 • Station B • London, ON Canada N6A 4P4

SERVICE BULLETIN 3 (Revision 2) DATE: November 30, 2001 (Rev2 June 6/03)

TO: micoGenTM Heat Recovery Unit Users

From: L. Brescacin, Engineering & QA Manager

Contact: Carmine Fontana, Customer Service Manager

RE: Application Operating Modes & Hot Surface Warning

Application Operating Mode

PHONE: (519) 451-0310 Ext 143

EMAIL: FAX: (519) 451-0310

UNIFIN’s micoGenTM units have been designed to operated with the high temperature exhaust gas of either the Capstone MicroTurbineTM model C60 units or the model 330 units on the outside of the fintube. However, this design condition requires that the water that is inside the tubes on the heat recovery loop continually circulate. If the water does stop circulating while the turbine is operating, the exit water temperature will continue to rise and will switch the diverter to by-pass. This will slow down the rate at which the water is heated, however the exhaust gas will continue to heat the water due to radiation and conduction because the heat exchanger is in an enclosed highly insulated cavity. The water will eventually be evaporated and turned into steam at the saturation temperature of the system pressure.

In order to avoid this condition occurring there are two options that can be taken. The turbine can be shut off. (If this option is used we recommend that the turbine be turned off within 15 minutes of the water circulation stopping.) The second option is to install a small secondary cooler with an auxiliary pump loop to serve as a heat dump that maintains the exit water temperature below 180 F.

Hot Surface Warning

UNIFIN’s micoGenTM units that are First Generation models MG1, MG2 & MG4 can have external surfaces that exceed 130 F. As a result, HOT SURFACE WARNING stickers are being provided to all owners of these products. For SAFETY purposes, UNIFIN requests that upon receiving these stickers that you immediately apply them in a visible location on the front and back exposed vertical faces of the unit.

Please direct any questions about the above to our Customer Service Department. See contact information above.

Reference Kit: MG-KIT-SB3

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