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1030 Clarke Side Road • Box 5395 • Station B • London, ON Canada N6A 4P4

SERVICE BULLETIN 7 (Revision 3) DATE: January 2, 2003 R2 (Rev. 3 June 6/03)

TO: micoGenTM Heat Recovery Unit Users

Contact: Tim Ryan, Customer Service Leader

RE: Water Guard For Top Panel

From: L. Brescacin,

Manager, Engineering & Product Development

PHONE: (519) 451-0310 Ext 222

EMAIL: FAX: (519) 451-0310

For outside installations, the top panel of the first-generation micoGenTM may become slightly concave and direct water into the enclosure of the unit around the exhaust port openings. This can result in detrimental effects on the unit. Unifin recommends that a retrofit kit be applied to the top of the unit as described in the enclosed procedure to prevent water from running along the top and entering the cabinet around the exhaust ports.

If the micoGenTM unit you have is installed outdoors and the top panel appears to be concave or you suspect water is entering the unit around the exhaust ports, contact the Customer Service Department of Unifin International, Inc. Provide the serial number of the unit involved plus the mailing instructions for the kit. Unifin will provide the above-mentioned kit and installation procedure.


Note: First Generation micoGenTM serial numbers begin with 9, 0 or 1.

Reference Kit: MG-KIT-SB7 Procedure MES-MG-002

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