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1030 Clarke Side Road • Box 5395 • Station B • London, ON Canada N6A 4P4


TO: micoGenTM Heat Recovery Unit Users

Contact: Tim Ryan, Customer Service Leader

RE: Excessive Heat Recovery

From: L. Brescacin,

Manager, Engineering & Product Development

PHONE: (519) 451-0310 Ext 222

EMAIL: FAX: (519) 451-0310

This bulletin is applicable only to second-generation micoGenTM units. In some cases the unit may be installed in an application for which it is oversized. In this case the unit will recover more heat than the utilization loop can absorb. When this occurs the circulating water temperature to and from the micoGenTM unit will continue to rise until the outlet set-point temperature is reached. Then the controller will move the diverter to bypass. If the amount of excess heat being recovered causes the actuator to cycle more than 5 times per hour it exceeds the equipment warranty limit. If actuator cycling is excessive, contact the service representative.

Actuator cycling caused by excessive heat recovery can be remedied by allowing some of the exhaust gas to bypass the heat exchanger of the micoGenTM unit. To do so an experienced service representative can adjust the turnbuckle that controls the positioning of the diverter door. The adjustment must be finely monitored so that the amount of bypass does not cause under performance of the system. Even very small amounts of bypass can reduce performance very significantly.

This modification of the diverter door setting can be done without harm to the micoGenTM unit. However, Unifin does not take responsibility for the resulting heat recovery due to this adjustment. Also, a tag must be attached to the actuator assembly to notify others that the actuator mechanism has been adjusted to permit bypass and note how much adjustment has been made.


Note: Second Generation micoGenTM serial numbers begin the number 4 or 5.

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