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1030 Clarke Side Road • Box 5395 • Station B • London, ON Canada N6A 4P4

SERVICE BULLETIN 9 (Rev. 1) DATE: April 14, 2003 R0 (Rev. 1 June 6/03)

TO: micoGenTM Heat Recovery Unit Users

Contact: Tim Ryan, Customer Service Leader

From: L. Brescacin,

Manager, Engineering & Product Development

PHONE: (519) 451-0310 Ext 222 FAX: (519) 451-0310


RE: Actuator Cycling Resulting in ‘Unit Alarm’ and ‘Diverter Fail’

This bulletin is applicable only to second-generation micoGenTM units. In some cases the actuator may cycle between the bypass and recovery modes. This can occur because of electrical noise which interferes with the control board’s count of pulses generated by the reed switch in the actuator. If insufficient pulses are counted the controller assumes the actuator was not able to reach the recovery position and sends it back to bypass. If this occurs repeatedly the unit will alarm indicating ‘Diverter Fail’

A temporary remedy is to restart the unit until the actuator stays in the recovery mode. However, a permanent remedy has been developed in which a revision to the firmware of the unit is sent with a procedure for uploading into the micoGenTM controller. Also a capacitor is included that plugs into the control board to filter out the electrical noise.

If you experience the above problem, contact Unifin Customer Service to receive this kit. The kit will be issued upon receipt of a Purchase Order. No charges will be made if the kit is returned in good condition.


Note: Second Generation micoGenTM serial numbers begin the number 4 or 5.

Reference Kit: MG-KIT-SB9 Procedure MES-MG-005

Image | UNIGIN Service Bulletin 9 heat recovery unit users

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