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Since 2000, Unison Solutions has been a leader in distributed generation and waste-to-energy systems utilizing traditional internal combustion engines, Capstone MicroTurbines or STM Stirling engines. These systems are operating on biogas from landfills, wastewater treatment facilities and other livestock or food processing an- aerobic digesters.

Because of our experience with biogas applications, we also provide our customers with complete gas com- pression, conditioning and filtration systems. These systems include moisture, H2S and siloxane removal and management.

One of our projects was awarded the EPA Project of the Year for 2003. The waste-to-energy project con- verted raw landfill gas to power and heat a large high school in Illinois. The methane gas from the closed Superfund site was previously being burned off in a flare.

Unison Solutions, Inc.

5451 Chavenelle Road Dubuque, Iowa 52002

Phone: 563-585-0967

Fax: 563-585-0970

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