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UnitedStatesPatent [19] Bretz et al.

IlIlil US005224333A

[1 PatentNumber: 5,224,333 [45] DateofPatent: Jul.6,1993


[75] Inventors: DavidH.Bretz,Bloom?eld Township, Davis County; Darrell G.

Bobzin, West Des Moines, both of Iowa

[731 Assignee: DelavanInc,WestDesMoines,Iowa [21 Appl.No.: 825,345

A simplexairblastfuelinjection-systemfortheatomiza tion of fuel for ignition to drive a gas turbine includes a simplex nozzle which receives fuel from a fuel pump powered by the turbine over a range of pressures be tween maximum and minimum pressures during the operation of the turbine, and also receives fuel at a substantially lower pressure than the minimum fuel pressure when the turbine is cranked during startup. The fuel isdischarged from the nozzle orifice as a swirl ing stream of atomized fuel during turbine operation, and as a film which is insufficiently atomized to initiate ignitionduringtheturbinestartup.An aircompressoris also powered by the turbine to supply air at a low pres

sure to the fuel issuing from the nozzle ori?ce during both turbine operation and startup. An air director shroud imparts a swirling motion to the low pressure air and directs the swirling air to adjacent the fuel film as it issues from the nozzle orifice during startup to produce apressuredifferentialbetween oppositesidesofthe?lm toexplodeandatomizethefuel?lmsuf?cienilytoper

[2] Filed:


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Primary Examiner—-Richard A. Bertsch AssistantExaminer-I-loward R. Richman Attorney,Agent,orFirm-Howard S.Reiter


pressure air is also directed to the swirling stream of atomized fuel during turbine operation and that air stream is also preferably swirling.


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