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UnitedStatesPatent [19] Eddyetal.


[75] Inventors: JeffreyC.Eddy,Oviedo;J.Wayne Myers, Longwood, both of Fla.


[73] Ass1gnee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.,

Pittsburgh, Pa.

[21] Appl.No.: 823,397 ._

[22] Filed‘ Jan’21’1992

[51] 1m.(:1.5..F02C1/00 [52] us. c1. .......................(SO/39.32; 60/746 [58] FieldofSearch..60/3932,740,742,

HIl USOO5222357A

[1] PatentNumber: 5,222,357 [45] DateofPatent: Jun.29,1993

PrimaryExaminer-RichardA.Bertsch AssistantExaminer-—Howard R. Richman


_ ReferencesClted


2.968,925 1/1961 Blevans et al. .. 60/740

3,777,983 12/1973 Hibbins .............

4,154,056 5/1979 Emory ..........

4,337,618 7/1982 Hughesetal..

4,566,268 1/1986 Hoffeinsetal.

4,977,74012/1990 Maddenetal.......................60/742



body with a support ?ange having a liquid fuel and atomizing air nozzle structure centrally extending therethrough with a fuel and atomizing air discharge structure arranged at its free end and a fuel gas supply

strhehlre arranged aWound the free end of the fuel and ewmizihg air discharge Structure wherein the fuel gas supply structure has a from face extending inwardly adjacent the fuel and atomizing air discharge structure and having a central opening permitting the discharge of liquid fuel and atomizing air therethrough, the front facehasboresextendingtherethroughinradialsymme

try m a circular array and radial Slots formed therem between said bores and the central opening so as to

eliminate hoop stresses in the front face around its cen tralopening.


60/742 .60/3932 60/742


A” omey'


A t F- _K B h

gen 'or

‘rm ' ac


. . .

. Inagasturbinedualfuelnozzleincludingamam nozzle

Image | UnitedStatesPatent [19] Eddyetal. GASTURBINEDUALFUELNOZZLE

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