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UnitedStatesPatent [191 Melconian


[75] Inventor: JerryO.Melconian,Reading,Mass.‘

[73] Assignee: Sol-3Resources,Inc.,Reading,Mass. Attorney,Agent,orFirm-JosephS.Iandioria

[21] Appl.No.2 559,423:


A circumferentiallystirredvariableresidencetimevor tex slinger combuster, includes a primary combustion chamber for containing an annular combustion vortex and a ?rst group of louvres peripherally disposed about the primary combustion chamber and distributed along its primary axis. The louvres are inclined to impel air circumferentially about the primary axis within the primary combustion chamber to cool its interior sur faces, to impel air inwardly to assist in driving the annu lar combustor vortex in a helical path, and to feed com bustion in the primary combustion chamber. The slinger

combustor further includes a second annular combus tion chamber and a narrow annular waist region inter connectingtheoutputoftheprimarycombustioncham ber with the second annular combustion chamber. The waist region passes only lower density particles and trapshigherdensityparticlesforsubstantialcombustion in the annular combustion vortex of the primary annular combustionchamber.Atleastonefuelnozzle,rotating abouttheprimaryaxis,introducesfuelintotheprimary annular combustion chamber.

[22] Filed:


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Carlstrom, L. A. et al., “Improved Emissions Perfor

26 Claims, 7 Drawing Sheets

[1] PatentNumber:

[45] DateofPatent: Mar.5,1991

mance in Today’s Combustion System,” AEG/SOA 7805, Jun. 14-17, 1978, p. 17.

Primary Examiner—Louis J. Casaregola

Assistant Examiner—-Timothy S. Thorpe



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